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Spectrum Corporation is a leader in Unified Contact Center Reporting (UCCR). UCCR is a procedure of drawing out actual time and historical information from contact center applications, changing that raw data into information and publishing that info in useable reports for all levels of the contact center. The reports are seen on control panels, LCD screens, desktops, wallboards, web based reports, e-mail and smart devices.

Develop Flexible Grouping Structures to Report on Groups and Groups in any Manner that Makes A lot of Sense to business-- supervisors are not to seeing reports by a single queue only. For example, most contact centers will have a group of representatives that handle calls from several queues. VPI reports offer supervisors a true view into an individual representative's efficiency.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Demo Overview

Moreover, some solutions are entirely an inbound call center system, while others are outbound call center systems. There are even combined services for companies that require both! Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center: Cloud-based, easy-to-use platform concentrated on quality user communication. It protects the context of previous customer interactions, that makes the shift from self-service to live service almost smooth.

call centers services were initially considered being totally expensive, and were just practical alternatives for large enterprise companies. Nevertheless, with more recent innovations like call center software, companies of any size can reap the benefits ... all for an affordable price. Call center software is charged at a per seat monthly rate, and varies between service providers depending upon the number of agents you have.

Speech/text analytics. Call center reporting traditionally focused on metrics such as call length and call desertion. Now, systems are emerging that can evaluate audio data to identify anger, aggravation and other feelings in callers' vocal tones. The results of this analysis can be used to determine trends in the performance of agents and the contact center as a whole.

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