Child In Rear Facing Baby Seat Survives Awful Auto Crash Car seat

With this year's changes made to safety seat laws in the majority of US states, followed by statements by district police that lots of moms and dads had currently been fined for not maintaining the brand-new statutes, it would appear that a number of moms and dads have found a way to assist them keep their child rear-facing up until 2, as specified by the brand-new changes to legislation.

Freddie and Sebbie Back Seat Child Mirror

In another remark left on Amazon by Wingnut, who states he could not think of a better mirror. He includes... "You secure it snugly to any headrest and afterwards can angle the mirror with a ball and joint set-up to any angle. It's firm enough to not move when set. Much better than my old mirror that you had to angle on the headrest itself. I would highly recommend this accessory to all moms and dads of babies or young children, presently in rear facing seats." Finally, Becca Lynn Tippy in yet another 5 star score testimonial stated... "I have actually been looking for one of these since our child was born! I just adore how big this mirror is. Others I have looked at were smaller, and this one is like a big TELEVISION screen. I love the fact that I can see everything that is going on while I am driving. I understand security is our number one worry when we are on the road, so looking back to look at child is not a good alternative. This rear seat child mirror permits me to always see that he is safe or happy, or perhaps the periodic spit up when it's occurring. Most important of all for me though is that it allows me to always keep my hands securely on the wheel, and my eyes forward at all times."

In a recent 5 star confirmed Amazon customer review for the Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror, Julie Williams states... "I purchased this to utilize for when I babysit, and have to transfer my grandson. 30 years ago, my baby's safety seat faced forward, so I had no trouble ensuring he was okay, but not so in 2015 with rear-facing safety seats. This mirror is exactly as explained, so without any doubt, with all the products on the market for infants these days, this is among those "why didn't I think of that?" must haves!"

He also stated that the back seat mirror was in fact very easy to set up, was 100 % shatter proof, and that it would also fit most of seat headrests. His final comment was... "We are actually anticipating getting our first Amazon client testimonials for the back seat mirror, and should anybody come across an issue with the item, our business is very distinct in providing a lifetime service warranty."

One mad mom discussed the event... "I simply can not even say in words how deplorable this really is. If it had actually been my child put at risk by such an idiotic directive, whoever that liable person was, would be requiring an ambulance themselves." Another parent also said that if he was obliged by law to have his twin babies buckled up in vehicle safety seats, then he would expect the same from anybody else transporting his youngsters, including the occasion of having to go to health center by Ambulance.

According to the police spokesperson, Patel was turning a left-hand curve in his 2003 Toyota minivan in a westbound direction, when his automobile all of a sudden crossed into the eastbound lane, which led to a head-on accident with a 2011 Ford Focus. Authorities say that no charges have actually been filed, though detectives are still examining the tragic incident.

A police representative has recently validated that a young mom was tragically killed following a head-on collision, with 2 other members of the Lakeland community resulting injured in the traffic accident that happened at about 8 p.m last Sunday. Kayla M. Bryant, aged 21, who was a traveler among the vehicles, wasn't wearing her safety belt and passed away soon after the crash. The local police have also stated that her 6-week-old daughter was correctly strapped into a rear-facing baby safety seat, which was what prevented her from being seriously hurt in the accident.

Neil Speight explained how he crossed that bridge by using an auto baby mirror, meaning he was able to in fact leave his twin infants rear facing up till they end up being 3. He said... "First, I'm pleased to announce that we can finally offer our newest product to all Amazon customers, called the auto baby mirror, and particularly developed for worried parents not able to see their baby sat in the back of the auto. I already have one positioned in the back of my auto, making it so reassuring to always have the ability to see my infant twins Freddie and Sebbie, who are still both seated in rear-facing safety seats."

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