Finding ways to manifest what you want

This may be the same as wishing with all your heart, but it is always the highest principle we know (at least, so far in our discoveries) in the simple act of conscious creation.

Universal Laws determine this.

The third essential energy of the Law of Creation is expectancy and expectation.

Certainly, when faced with such radical ideas, you may reject them. I say, good for the skeptics - as long as they keep an open mind. So, to put it simply, lack of acceptance is completely natural as a way of protecting yourself. Regardless, we cannot gain much if we disprove the very essence of our capacity for shaping the word around us by manifestation.

The fact is lots of people don't attain their wealth. Frequently this is because they clearly do not have a powerful feeling of self-worth and simply do not consider that they are worthy enough to receive. Should you feel this to be true for you, take time to imagine this object and contrast it against your emotional reaction. This will let you know if you expect it is an achievable goal for you. That is a built-in bodily sense. And should you find that you cannot embrace it - that's to say, your intuition reveals this is not possible - then the means to amend this is to gradually lower your desired objective until it approaches the point where you feel whole acceptance of the probability that it might actually be given to you. At that point you have come up with a goal which you can totally believe in. You then have the issue of holding long lasting expectancy. Often, expectancy - or the deficiency of it - is based on what have been called the mechanism of manifestation - the "cursed hows". This is a euphemism which started with author Wallace Wattles in the early years of the last century, in his classic book Getting Rich. He said that getting yourself caught up with the ways of becoming rich could make you lose focus. His belief system was that it is no concern of yours how the universal mystery will manifest your goals. What you have to do is have passion, completely and utterly believe, and eagerly anticipate, your wish to appear and then you might get whatever you asked for and truly believed you could have.

And most of us expect more understanding. Maybe our truth is here. To be more precise: the concept of the interchangability of matter and energy. You may appreciate electromagnetic energy and physical matter are, at the root of existence, able to switch forms. We cannot now doubt our subconscious thoughts can undoubtedly manifest reality in the things we perceive with our senses.

The circumstances in which this extremely powerful force can improve hard physical reality is as yet unexplained. Honestly, why should we seek to know?

This is seen as an inevitable aspect of manifestation. And, you may ask, what does expectancy actually mean? Well, to me it implies the same force as hope which is not doubted. Put simply, expectancy is all about a state of expectation - expecting the universe to create your goal. It's not about pathetically hoping, but being certain that your desired outcome will appear. It is a form of belief, but there is a emotional core essence more subtle than belief. This should enlighten you: you think that you can win the national lottery, but you most likely do not expect to become a millionaire, although you know some lucky person wins a major jackpot every week.

Maybe you find this impossible to believe. That's OK. But please keep an open mind. Of course it seems hard to believe - it is beyond our experience! And so there is a point when you have to decide for yourself. Perhaps you have reached that point? In any situation, a sense of doubt, even dread, is very mature as a dynamic. And perhaps, for that reason alone, we cannot gain much if we diminish the nature of our life changing ability to manifest and create reality.

There is apparently a prevalent opinion among researchers into the skill of mindful manifestation that expectancy is the least significant of the controlling factors. I really don't agree with that, and I feel this supposition or view has continued to be propagated is because anticipation is more challenging to identify. It's usually mixed up in some people's thoughts with the idea of acceptance.

This is often regarded as a powerful part of the Law of Attraction. And, you may ask, what does expectation mean? Well, to me it implies the exact same force as hope that is beyond doubt. To put it differently, expectancy is being in a state of expectation - waiting for the universe to create something. It's not merely pathetically hoping, but a state of being definite that your goal will be created for you. It is a kind of belief, but there's a important core component that goes beyond belief. For example: you know that you could win any lottery for which you buy a ticket, but you - I would guess - don't expect to win a million, even though you are certain that some lucky person wins a major prize every time.

Lots of people begin with the aim of being given financial riches. After days seeing their bank account stuffed with wealth, they slacken off because nothing has happened. There is a very easy method which anyone can do to examine the strength of your belief. Supposing, you wanted to have great wealth for life? Whether you consider this is possible depends on a number of parameters. For many individuals, the challenge is how this could happen. Standing back a bit, you perhaps understand that is a powerful issue in creation. However, when you go beyond that, it's simple to think that you could get this degree of wealth without yet grasping how it's to be realized.

When using the Law of Connection, the part of your brain which can manifest anything in the real world really functions best when it has a well written program rather like every PC; your connection to the universal Law of Attraction has no capacity to do anything without a detailed progressive series of instructions relevant to the situation. The point is this: your operating instructions are often your hoped-for target. In the absence of this, little of any value will develop.

Understand that when you are striving to bring about anything in the world, or to manifest a desired outcome, as expounded in the best-selling book The Secret, there are a number of difficult conditions which should certainly be achieved.

There is apparently a widespread view shared by researchers into the techniques of mindful creation that expectancy is the least important of the various elements of manifestation. I actually don't agree with that, and I feel this premise or view has come about is because expectancy is harder to identify. It is certainly confused in some people's thoughts with the idea of openness to receiving.

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