Flooring It Makes Your Home Shine

For hardwood flooring, you are restricted on which direction to run your flooring. When installing strong hardwood, you have to install it perpendicular to the joists supporting your plywood beneath. This method, your floors will be stronger and you will prevent a wavy look into time.


In order to prevent scratches or damages in your floors, you must cut your pet's nails regularly and put on high heels only if needed. Taking care of scratches or dents in your wood can end up being a really costly job.

For better protection against scratches, dirt, and wetness; you should utilize area rugs or mats at entranceways, hallways, or anywhere dirt and traffic can impact your brand-new floors.

Cleaning your brand-new floor from dust or small particles of dirt can extend the life of your wood floors. Make sure to make use of suggested cleaning products for the particular kind of flooring you have in your home. Don't overwater wood floors-- it might ruin them.

Vinyl composition tile

Having new wood floors brings fear of scratching or damaging the brand-new addition to your home. You ought to make use of felt pads underneath the legs of the furniture frequently used (chairs, tables, couches or other heavy furniture).

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