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Of course most people look for more explanation. Perhaps all we need to know is this. I am speaking of the discovery that energy and matter are one and the same. We now know that molecules, atoms and energy are, at the point of creation, meaningless concepts. And the scientific case seems complete - our emotional energy can - remarkably enough - change events which are happening in the circumstances of our world.

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Nevertheless, a lot of people simply fail to reach their aim. Often this is due to the fact they clearly don't have a strong feeling of self-worth and simply do not consider that they are destined to be rich. In this case, mentally check out this goal and contrast it against your emotional response. This can reveal if you genuinely believe it is a realistic goal for you. That is an inherent bodily sense. And in case you find that you can't accept it - that is to say, your instinct tells you this is not something you believe is possible - then the way to alter this is to gradually reduce your expressed aim until it approaches the point at which you feel whole acceptance of the fact that it really can appear. Then you've formulated a goal which you can live with. Having done that, you then reach the problem of feeling firm expectation. More often than not, expectation - or the deficiency of it - is based on what we know as the "cursed hows". This was a term that started with writer Wallace Wattles in the early years of the previous century, in his classic book The Science Of Getting Rich. This man emphasized that allowing yourself to become hung up on the ways of manifesting wealth would probably cause you to lose focus. He declared that it is no matter of yours how the universe will establish your goals. What you need to do is feel true emotional desire, really believe, and eagerly anticipate, your aim to be delivered to you and then you might consciously create things that are in line with your values and beliefs.

Psychologists claim the part of your mind responsible for manifesting physical reality really only works if it has a set of instructions just like every laptop; your capacity to co-create change will only function when it has a defined computer program. The fact is: your operating instructions are usually your preferred outcome. When there's no such program, almost nothing may will alter, and you will continue running the same old programs for ever!.

I know this is true because I have experienced it. Sure, why would you not be somewhat doubtful? This is hard to believe. Of course you may be questioning! That's simply because mulling it all over - perhaps with feelings of doubt - is very desirable as a very grounded, earth-plane response. And be aware of other ways of seeing this: there is a real diminution of who we are when we make a person who has felt the power of the Law of Attraction doubt our wonderful capacity for our human essence, our skills of creation, and our joy in manifesting reality.

Inevitably many of us, seekers after truth, would like more understanding. Maybe our truth is here. To be exact - that matter and energy are the same thing. As you may know, energy and matter are, actually, interchangeable concepts. The fact is, our mental energy can subtly affect what we see, feel and experience in the world.

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Maybe you have already worked out the next quality: burning desire to achieve a particular objective! Your desire needs to be for a highly important and personal way of confirming a different reality.

Usually, failure to co-create with the Law of Creation get in the way simply because a person is running an unhelpful and out of date belief system which can prevent them from enjoying the reality of the Law of Attraction and Creation as a part of our divine inheritance. The reasoning here can be elucidated when you consider a fairly common desire: to possess enormous wealth.

In fact, failure to manifest with the Law of Attraction can develop just because a person harbors a long standing and limiting belief system which disempowers them from absorbing and embodying the techniques of the Law of Attraction and Creation as a powerful aspect of life which gets us what we want by connection with the divine. The problems here are easier to understand when you consider a normal want: to have monetary wealth.

Once again, let's take a moment to acknowledge the essential nature of intense desire for your own betterment, generating energy for change in your life.

The third essential element of co-creation is expectancy and expectation.

Without a doubt wholehearted commitment is the needed signal to your subconscious brain that you are devoted to achieving your goal despite everything in your way. And when the Great Mystery appreciates you are resolute about your goals, your unconscious begins to think in a profoundly different way and set up coincidences and so shift you towards your targets faster than you would ever have imagined feasible.

Our divinity allows us to appreciate that the spiritual form of human "being" - as exemplified by manifestation and such like phenomena are proven to be truly what we need in times of crisis.

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