How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back - The Do's and Don'ts

Attempt a little romance. However upset or injured she is, she's still a woman at heart and they are constantly hungry for romance. After you have developed a connection with her by apologizing, accepting your mistakes and becoming friends, it might be time for you to make a grand gesture for expressing your feelings. You have been with her so you are aware of her preference, her likes and dislikes and things that mean to her. Does she like love letters? Write her one. Most ladies wish to talk about feelings so that's what you need to do.

Do not rant and rave or focus on how you were unfairly treated. Make it about her and she will be right where you want her just like the man on

Spruce up your Facebook profile. Your Facebook page is a message your friends, family and acquaintances read constantly. It's crucial that the page shows a confident, outgoing, independent and happy guy. This implies that you need to post pictures of you doing things you never did with your ex, partying, posing with girls and simply having fun. She will be surprised to find the change in you. Reach out to her.

Go back to scenario 1 and follow all the measures from reaching out to her. She'll automatically compare you to her boyfriend and understand she still has feeling for you or that you're a better guy for her.

Don't tell her; show her. In case your ex-girlfriend pointed out things that were lacking in you, did you listen? Have you ever transformed? Going up to her and telling her is inadequate. You must show her that you've really done so.

For instance, if she thought you were overly insecure, you show her that you are no longer thus by not contacting her every five full minutes. Even though you haven't made changes, write a letter to her and say you'll. Point out how you will do thus and do not simply make vague assurances because that isn't going to convince her.

Game playing is for the playground, using games and manipulation for getting your ex back is simply wrong. Games are for children and you also must behave as an adult rather than a petulant kid. Pretending to date some girl to turn your ex jealous will have results and you'll probably wind up losing your ex-husband eternally. Is that what you really need.

Meet her casually. It could be quite overwhelming for you to see her for the very first time following the separation, but you must keep your cool in the event you don't need to lose her. You want to keep it casual whether it's been two years or a couple of weeks. Meet up with her for coffee or lunch like you would do with a friend. Going for something grand will come off as you striving overly hard to impress her or make you look destitute. Keeping it light, fun and flirty will show her that you aren't sexually curious. You would like her to see the man she fell in love with and not the one she left behind.

Everyone has an alternative situation so the techniques can change accordingly. Summarized below are steps to be taken in accordance with individual situation: Situation 1: Right after a break up, you recently broke up and the wound continues to be raw. This doesn't mean that you go begging up to her. There is a step by step process to be followed, which is: Understand why she left. Guy, you really should understand why you were dropped. You can't move forward if you do not know that.

Did she say why she was breaking up? Were there any signs? Give her space. Don't act distressed or be needy; it doesn't help. You have to maintain your cards close to your chest and wait for at least two weeks.

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