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Try and get links that point to your pages from high-quality sites. The search engines value quality over quantity, and you can usually get a lot more link juice from a reputable website with an extremely high page rank than you can from a high number of lowly ranked websites.

For the best SEO, make sure to provide text links in your web site. This will help search engines understand just what you are offering. It'll also, make it simpler for folks to use and trust your links because they are going to have the capacity to see where they are going, as opposed to simply clicking blind on a cloaked link.

Before turning to the automated programs available to inflate one post into many, the shrewd post marketer will do as much individual writing as they can. Hand-crafted posts constantly give readers a much better feeling than auto-created content. Search engines favor first human-written articles, too, and rank them higher than automated articles.

Search engine optimize all assets found on your own site. By carrying out SEO on spreadsheets (.xls), docs (.doc, .pdf), videos (.avi), audio (.mp3), presentations (.ppt) and pictures (.jpg, gif, .png) within your site, you can maximize the number of search queries that send net searchers to your site and raise your site's traffic.

One surefire way to identify the most important keywords for your website will be to buy pay per click (PPC) ads. These advertisements, which are bought from the search engine itself, offer insight into which particular keywords generate the most traffic, as well as which keywords may be dragging your website down.

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