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With over 50% of all website search in the United States being done on mobile devices Google has designed a search product specifically tailored to mobile device users. Google search product is called the seven pack. It is part of Google's local business area where local businesses can register their office hours, address, phone number, business name as well as their location with Google to become a part of their database. Google then take this information and packages it specifically for people doing mobile searches. It is called the seven pack because there are locator pins to show where a business is located. These pins are labeled A through G.

seo for lawyers
Search engine optimization (SEO) positioning search, or even more generally "Seo", is the research and also the practice of making your very own particular website jump to the top of online search engine results particular to certain expressions. It may see to many people like magic. But SEO services has become big business.

SEO has become popular because it is effective. It is a highly targeted form of advertising. Effective because you getting in front of people who are actively looking for your product or service. It is unlike passive form of advertising like television and radio where your message is being put in front of people who are not paying attention, don't want or don't need your product or service. That is a waste of money and time because you are paying for the right to be in front of those disinterested people. Not good.

It is the foundation on which all their money is made so they make it very hard to rank for those top spots. The site has to have high quality content, be relevant to the search and have lots of social signals (likes and shares) to get a coveted top ranking spot.

Google figures that if your content has a lot of traffic coming to the website and people are liking it, and they are sharing it with their social network then by definition this is relevant and quality content.

Someone who does not know what they are doing can do quite a bit of damage to your website. For example. There is a service that will "flash rank" a website. They do this by sending out a press release to over 2000 public relations websites. This has the short-term benefit of ranking your website within 24 hours. But it has the downside of sending 2000 unknown back links to your website as well. A good SCOR can leverage the benefits of a flash ranking for his client while protecting his website from the large volume of back links.

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