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Regardless of why this seems desirable, many people simply fail to realize their aim. Often this is due to the fact they really don't have a powerful sense of self-worth and simply do not believe that they're worthy enough to receive. Does that feel like it might be true for you? If so, take time to visualize this objective and check it against your intuitive response. This will let you know whether or not you think it's an achievable goal for you personally. That is an inherent sense of knowing. And in case you find that you cannot believe it - that is to say, your instinct tells you this isn't totally believable - then the means to alter this is to gradually lower your goal until it reaches a level where you feel complete acceptance of the possibility that it really can show. Then you have come up with a goal that you can accept. You then have the issue of holding clear expectation. Frequently, expectancy - or the lack of it - is based on what we call the "cursed hows". This is a phrase that originated with writer Wallace Wattles in the first part of the last century, in his classic work The Science Of Getting Rich. This gentleman said that being hung up on the ways of becoming rich could make you lose desire. He said that it is no concern of yours how the universe will produce your purpose. What you have to do is be intense in your desire, keep the faith, and gratefully expect, your desire to appear and then you might be given the things that excite you the most.

As a rule, if you are trying to attract a new physical reality, or to explore manifestation, as elucidated in the best-selling book The Secret, there are some important preconditions which must definitely be attained.


No matter what the skeptics say the Laws of Attraction are a clear and useful methodology which we have available to transform our lives.

We believe the part of your mind which connects you to Cosmic Consciousness needs an operating system in the same way as your PC; your unconscious has no ability of any kind without a understandable program. In conscious creation, your program guidelines are clearly your preferred target. Should this be missing, nothing major can happen.

This is thought to be another critical part of the Law of Attraction. However, what does expectation mean? In fact, it is the exact same energy as anticipation which is irrevocable. To put it differently, expectancy is being in a state of anticipation - expecting the universe to deliver something. It's not simply trusting, but a state of being certain that your aim, or goal, or target will be created for you. It's a form of belief, however there's a metaphysical difference. This may illustrate it: you accept that you could win the lottery, but you usually do not expect to claim the jackpot, even though you are certain some fortunate soul wins a major prize every drawing.

I think it's not too surprising for most people when they hear they also need passion, passion and more passion in your soul! In fact, you need a personal and very significant reason for change in life.

Many people begin with the target of creating financial riches. After weeks visualizing their bank flowing with money, they despair because it hasnt worked. There is a very simple trick which you can do to examine the reality of your belief system. Supposing, you aspired to get a million dollars? Whether or not you consider this is something you really can do depends on several variables. For most people, the problematic aspect is how this could happen. Taking a detached view, you can hopefully appreciate that is a significant problem in creation. But when you go past that, it is easy to think that you can obtain this degree of riches without presently understanding the way that it is to be reached.

Maybe this is something outside your belief system. Fair enough - but keep an open mind. My views were similar in my early experiences. But life has taught me some reality is beyond understanding. In the face of such weird claims an approach which questions everything is bang on as a self-protecting mechanism. Forget your doubts now…. hope does not lie in your efforts to make us think differently about the nature of the human ability to shape reality.

If you want to manifest, desire is the universal energy and fuel for manifesting what we want.

I know this may be hard to believe - it is for many people. And that's fine: scepticism is normal for beginners in this field. From my point of view your doubts and concerns are understandable as a natural human - and personal - response. Let me offer an alternative view: there is just no need to invalidate the very essence of our ability to manifest reality on earth.

Lest there be any doubt, please remember the quite extraordinary power of passionate desire to reach some personal target, providing determination for change in the quality of your life.

This is highly important, so I make no apology for repeating my emphasis on the fundamental aspect of strongly held desire to achieve something in life, providing energy for change in your life.

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